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Student orchestra looking for new members

SymfUni - the University of Copenhagen student orchestra, is offering spots for a number of musicians to join for the 2014/15 season.

Music lovers who want to challenge themselves can now join SymfUni – the University of Copenhagen student orchestra. While some skill is required, the social experience and having fun playing together is more important than a perfect performance.

Birte Dreier has been playing with the orchestra since Spring 2012. “It is okay if you are a bit out of practice and just starting again. We are an open-minded orchestra and we have a lot of fun – and there is always a beer after rehearsal,” she says.

The now seven-year-old orchestra ‘SymfUni – the University of Copenhagen student orchestra’ is preparing for its shows in December and May. As every year, a number of positions need to be filled with new musicians.

Tour to Belgium

Right now, it is the string instruments viola, violin, and double bass – and the trombones – that are most sought after. But there are other positions to fill out as well, as long as you can attend weekly rehearsals (see box). For some of the weekly meetings a professional music teacher will be present, but the focus is on playing together.

A weekend trip to a music school in Holbæk in October is also part of the program. “An intense weekend with lots of music and a good chance to get to know everybody”, explains Birte.

At the end of next season, in May 2015, SymfUni will attend the European Student Orchestra festival in Belgium. There, six orchestras will play with and for each other over four days.

Meeting different people

This trip, and all the other activities as well, are organized by the musicians themselves, which adds to the feeling of community.

Often people find each other to play together in smaller chamber music ensembles. Meeting the other musicians and having fun together is an important part during all activities, according to Birte.

“I found some friends there that I now meet regularly. It was especially good when I had just arrived to get to meet some other people – Danish and international, and have some time off from my studies”.

See a video with the orchestra playing, and student musicians talking about what it is like here:
[video: width:525 height:380 align:center]

Find more information on their website here.

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