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Student sports club wants brand-new students to sign up

Free time: Choose between various sporting activities, from mountain climbing and akroyoga to swing dance – and meet other students from different studies

Don’t stand there. Join USG Studenteridræt (Student Sports Club) in Copenhagen.

Niels Boysen Feddersen, a physical education student at the University of Copenhagen and an instructor at USG Studenteridræt since 2011, has reached out to Uniavisen to talk about an issue he’s passionate about:

“USG is the best way to mix students from different study backgrounds because we have an informal community and because we gather around something really fun,” he says.

Akroyoga is quite hot this year

“My message is that the opportunity to sign up to USG begins from day one at UCPH. It is much cheaper than other sports clubs. One activity typically costs from 400 to 1000 kroner in membership fees for an entire year’s membership, and you can switch activities and teams over the course of the academic year if you’d rather try something else,” he explains.

The list of available sports ranges from everything from mountain climbing to ski courses and the swing dance lindy hop, but the more classic sports like badminton or tennis are also on offer.

“Akroyoga, which combines acrobatics and yoga, is overall one of the most popular this year,” says Boysen Feddersen.

Just dive in

In his free time, Boysen Feddersen works as an instructor for three different classes at USG sports club – floorball, ‘krydsfit’ (which translates to ‘crossfit’, but uses the Danish name due to copyright) and running – so he is speaking from his own experience.

As a instructor, Boysen Feddersen has become aware of a challenge: the majority of students in the classes first sign up to USG in their third or fourth semester, and then continue until they graduate. There’s a lack of new students from UCPH, which Boysen Feddersen wants to see change.

“I don’t think the new students know that we offer the chance to take up all kinds of activities for cheap. They don’t sign up until other students or acquaintances introduce them to it,” he says.
USG student sports club has 6500 members and offers circa 250 activities to choose between over the winter season.