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Students and management discussing details of reforms

A new, joint, committee is to examine how the University of Copenhagen can reduce students' completion times

The University of Copenhagen (UCPH) has to reduce students’ completion times with 7.6 months to adhere to the Study Progress Reform that was adopted last year and that will be implemented from the summer of 2014.

A new committee consisting of six students and six UCPH representatives is to examine exactly how that can be done and offer recommendations and advice on how to improve the quality of UCPH’s education and completion time.

The committee has already met once on 14 January.

Part of reform postponed

The committee will also offer advice to the study boards on how they can organise when the reforms are enacted. It is the study boards that process students’ applications for credit transfers, leave, and dispensation and the number of these applications is expected to increase in large numbers.

The government’s reforms have been resisted by students, and the rule of mandatory enrollment for 60 ECTS has been postponed a year .

Prorector Lykke Friis send out an email to all UCPH students last week with an update on the current rules and regulations implicated by the reforms.

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