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Students are 'dating' companies at Science matchmaking

Events bring students and companies together to collaborate on projects and theses

Students at the University of Copenhagen (UCPH) can partner with an organization or company to complete a thesis or project. The Faculty of Science is organising events that match up students with companies.

The first matchmaking event of this academic year was on 11 September at Frederiksberg campus. It was the first of six matchmaking events that will be held by the Faculty of Science over 2015-2016. This event’s theme was ‘Global Development – Sustainability, Value Chains, and Food’.

“The events are a great way to put into a wider context what I learn in class,” says Ferenc Nyakas, a Master’s student of Agricultural Economics at UCPH and a frequent attendee of matchmaking events. Other students commented to the University Post that they came to the event to get a better idea of the types of projects that could be used for a Master’s thesis.

Speed dating

Companies and NGOs selected for this particular event included CCAFS, DanChurchAid, danishknowhow, FSC- Forest Stewardship Council, GAIN,, NIRAS, Orana, SustainAgri, and UNDP. Representatives presented background information on their company or organization, and the type of project work that could benefit from a student collaboration. Project possibilities range from addressing rural water supply issues in Mali to ensuring green energy solutions in rural UNDP country offices.

Presentations were followed by seven-minute speed dating sessions, where students had the opportunity to meet with representatives individually and hear more about the organizations’ idea for a project collaboration, and pitch their own ideas for projects.

The Faculty of SCIENCE at the University of Copenhagen holds six thematic matchmaking events a year, trying to cover topics relevant to the 12 faculty departments.

Tries to make event topics relevant

The organizing team meets to decide which companies and organizations to invite for each matchmaking event. Upcoming matchmaking events include ‘New Value Chains – More food, feed and biomass’ on 23 October and ‘Finance, Economics and Data Analysis’ on 20 November.

“We try to make every event relevant to at least four departments and announce the events to those students who will find them relevant,” says coordinator Michala Brechling.

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