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Students at work for the other climate forum

University of Copenhagen internationals poised to help out at an alternative climate summit which runs in parallel to the official COP15

Many hands and minds are still needed for the alternative climate summit Klimaforum09. This was the message from organizers at a planning meeting Monday 30 November, where the volunteers got to know more about Klimaforum09 and applied for the work they would like to do.

The University Post was there to follow international students from the University of Copenhagen who plan to help out.

Organizers say that help from volunteers is still needed in the setting up exhibitions, in the cafè, at infopoints, with technicians, and in the office.

So what is it all about?

Well: In case you spent the last months in a cave: The big one, the international climate summit COP15 is approaching and the whole of Copenhagen is in a flurry of excitement. While politicians from all over the world are meeting to discuss climate change, NGO’s and interested individuals will be gathering at the alternative Klimaforum09, the ‘Peoples Climate Summit’ for their own climate talks.

No Danish necessary

The alternative summit also offers a programme of 63 exhibitions, 30 films, 10 theatrical performances, concerts and over 100 workshops on climate issues.

About 650 volunteers both Danes and many international students from the University of Copenhagen are to cover a variety of assignments, hoping to save the world and have fun at the same time. Klimaforum09 takes place from 7 to 18 December in the Copenhagen sports centre DGI Byen.

Can’t wait

The University Post is going to follow international students during their volunteer work.

For Anna, a student of environmental law from Australia, this may be the perfect opportunity to meet like-minded people who care about the climate and want to see some serious changes.

»There’s so much energy and excitement in Copenhagen at the moment with the COP15 just around the corner. I know it will be even better when the proceedings get underway and I can’t wait to hear what the public has to say!«

Sign up

If you want to do your bit to fight climate catastrophes by volunteering for the alternative Climate Summit, Klimaforum09, hurry up and send an e-mail to Asmund Birkals, head of volunteers at, or check out their website here.