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Students block access to key Humanities building

Staff appear to sympathise with students. EnGeRom department entrances stopped by wooden tables and chairs

Students are right now blockading the administrative offices of EnGeRom, the Department for English, German and Romance languages in protest against what they call the under-financing of classes and teaching.

The students want to ‘reignite’ the debate on funding, they say.

»We need more money, more lecturers and more lectures! We have blocked three entrances, but a fourth door is out of order – we take that as a sign that the universe is on our side,« says Sebastian Belmark, a student at the English department and spokesperson for the protesting students.

Have to say what you think

In an earlier release, the activists pointed to »the slow starvation of our education«.

Initial contact between staff turning up for work and student picketers has been without acrimony.

Staff that appear early Monday morning seem to sympathise with the students’ cause: »These are absolutely real problems! You have to say what you think,« says Peter Leese, a history lecturer.

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