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Students block access to key university buildings

Hundreds of students have since early Monday morning blockaded key departments at the University of Copenhagen, protesting cutbacks and the shedding of jobs

4-500 students are blockading the Department of Biology and the Department of Geography and Geology at the University of Copenhagen.

Emil Bach Madsen, spokesperson for the student activists at one of the affected places of study, Geocenter, calls for a response from university management.

»We demand that Rector Ralf Hemmingsen provide an answer to how he envisions a future for Geography and Geology, when the subjects are being hollowed out to such an extent,« he says.

He adds that »university management will have to make sure that Geography and Geology can maintain a high academic standard or they will have to face the consequences and close the subjects«.

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Banking on previous successes

The cutbacks on geography and geology are around DKK 10 million per year until 2012. According to the University Post’s information, 19 members of staff are set to lose their jobs. Biology is hit even harder with 36 employees facing the boot.

The cutbacks come as a result of a financially difficult 2008-2009, which caused an uproar from employees of the Faculty of Science. This time round, it is the students that have mobilised themselves in greater numbers.

In November 2009, students blockaded the Department of Sociology, and after just 24 hours the department administration gave into their demands.