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Students blockading media department to protest reforms

Student activist group refuses entry to the department of Media, Cognition, and Communication (MEF) at the Faculty of Humanities KUA 'until their voice is heard'

Students with large signs and even larger ambitions have begun a full blockade of the Media, Cognition, and Communication department at the Humanities faculty at KUA, this morning 19 November.

The activist group Et Andet Universitet (A Different University) plans to block all entry to the University of Copenhagen department until a dialogue between the government and the students is established regarding what they believe is an undemocratic structure of the university. The group’s aims are a reversal of the current government planned new resizing model and to remove business and governmental interest out of university’s objectives.

”We are blocking entry, because we do not agree with the way that the government, now with the rectors apparent acceptance, is dealing with the university,” the group says on the Et Andet Universitet website.

Only the beginning

”If the government reduces the university to a factory, our only option is to sabotage the machinery locally. We want the blockade to make it clear that the leading university policy will not be tolerated. We would like a dialogue with the government on how the university should be run.”

The group expects the blockade format to be most effective, and do not plan to resort to violent measures.

”We would rather do a sabotage that hurts than to a media publicity stunt.” says Rasmus Madsen, spokesperson for ‘Et Andet Universitet’ to the University Post.

”This is only the beginning,” says Rasmus Madsen, ”we hope that this will spread out to other parts of the university.”

If the blockade does not work, they do not know what their further plans will be.

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