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Students can do CPR numbers, paperwork at new social event

2,000 students expected to turn up at International House for new social event. They will go through what has previously been a gruelling process

International students might no longer have to wait weeks to process their paperwork and get their Danish CPR registration numbers. This is after the International House has upgraded so that a welcoming for incoming international students – and the paperwork necessary for their stay in Denmark – can take place at the same time in a series of late afternoon social events.

Last semester, waiting times of up to five weeks were reported to get CPR numbers from the International House. The CPR registration number is a prerequisite for almost every other procedure in Danish life.

“We don’t want the paperwork to become a tedious chore. This is why we have put up this event, so new students can take care of the boring stuff while having fun,” says head of the International House, Trine Marie Ingeberg, who is looking forward to welcoming 2,000 students to Copenhagen, with the first social event Monday.

Chance to chat with fellow students

The International House by Night series of events take place later than regular opening hours. And international students can come by and have their paperwork done on things like EU registration certificate and CPR number in just one sitting.

There will be stands manned by representatives from institutions around the city, food and drink trucks in the courtyard, and a chance to chat with fellow students.

The International House by Night takes place 25-27 January and 1-4 February between 16-18. All international students are invited, and 2,000 visitors are expected in total.

You can find more details about the event on the International House website here.

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