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Students´ Christmas hearts beating fast

Positive vibe on a homey tradition at the University of Copenhagen

Pleated Christmas Hearts.

A Danish tradition that was first seen in the 1800’s and was practiced in kindergartens from as early as 1910. They can be filled with candies or sweets, and hung on Christmas trees or just about anywhere as decorations. The University of Copenhagen organizes an event that invites students to come down and make these hearts.

But for many, the tradition can seem a little, boring?

Wants to learn about Danish tradition

Apparently not. In 2011, more than 100 international students bundled up and ventured out on a cold, winters night to attend the event.

The University Post caught up with Aleksandra, a computer science student originally from Poland. Aleksandra attended last year and after a fun-filled evening, plans to attend this year. She made these hearts when she was younger, and was surprised to learn that they originated in Denmark.

Besides wanting to learn more about the Danish history and Danish traditions, Aleksandra is a craft lover and enjoys learning something traditional about the country she’s in.

It is ‘hyggelig’

»Such manual work is also very relaxing for me, helps me to build Christmas atmosphere especially when I’m far from home,« says Aleksandra.

Anne Mette, a Danish student here in Copenhagen, is attending for the second year and says her and a friend have made it a tradition. Although she does say it’s a bit of a weird tradition, it’s also a nice and very ‘hyggelig’ tradition that only happens once a year.

It seems that although these crafts are nothing out of the ordinary, gathering with friends while eating ‘pebernødder’ (small Danish cookies, ed.) and drinking ‘gløgg’ (Danish hot alcoholic beverage, ed.) really gets people in the Christmas spirit.

Still places left

Other traditions to look forward to? Making småkager (biscuits), dancing around the Christmas tree and Christmas markets.

This years Advanced Christmas Hearts takes place on December 4th, from 17:00-19:00.

If you’re interested in attending this event, check out the webpage here:

There are 70 places. Lisbeth Ihlemann of the alumni association reports to the University Post that 55 have already been taken, meaning that there are 15 places left at time of writing. She calls on people to try to sign up anyway, as there will be a waiting list.

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