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Students get together to find Lost

Every Monday international students get together to watch the last season of the famous TV series 'Lost', which is in its last season. Our reporter was there

It is hard to believe, but the American TV series Lost is coming to an end. Some Erasmus students in Copenhagen have not been able to overlook this television milestone and have organized a group to follow and enjoy altogether the 6th season of the series.

Expectant and silent, Lost fans suddenly freak out in each scene.

They play the episodes in the original version with English subtitles. In other words, they want to be sure that nobody is going to miss any details about the story.

Watching among friends

Meeting with other fans of Lost is a way of attaching importance to a TV series that has kept them on tenterhooks during the last 6 years, explains Pau Goes, a member of the group.

»After every episode, each one exposes his doubts and theories about the plot« , he says.

Moreover, this group usually has dinner while watching the episodes. Everyone cooks something different, making for a cosier and friendly atmosphere.

The more the merrier

Everybody is more than welcome to join the group. They are meeting every Monday at 21.00 in Store Kannikestræde, 2 (opposite the Student House, Studenterhuset).

Check out all the information at their event on facebook here.