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Students helping students at new help desk

New 'Question Corner' at the Studenterhuset café. Volunteers answer uni-related questions from Danish and international students

Week three of classes and still have questions? No problem. The Question Corner in the student café Studenterhuset is the newest and cosiest way of getting your university-related questions answered.

Students often find themselves with questions and frustrations, but are unsure where to direct them. Finding and contacting the right administrator can be a daunting task. Volunteers at the helpdesk do their best to answer all university and even Copenhagen-related questions. Or at least help students find someone who can.

”It can be confusing even for Danish students to find the right place to ask,” says Lena Hansen, International Coordinator Assistant and helpdesk volunteer at Studenterhuset.

A friendly alternative

Informal and personal, the student-helping-student approach is refreshing and offers a pleasant alternative to the faceless e-mail correspondence, according to Lena. The goal is to make students feel at ease. To create the relaxed atmosphere, the helpdesk is equipped with comfy sofas, warm drinks and sweets.

Photo: Roderick Mackey

”It’s a friendly, cozy way of asking. It’s other students helping you. If you’re really frustrated you can come here and you’ll see some friendly faces,” says Lena.

The Question Corner is at the front of the Studenterhuset and will take place every second Wednesday from 17:00-20:00 for the remainder of 2015.

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