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Students ignoring study environment survey

You'd think they didn't care about their study environment. Despite anger over reforms to speed up studies, University of Copenhagen students are still passing up a chance to change their study conditions. Only 13 percent so far have participated in an impact survey

In light of the massive (largely negative) interest in the Danish governments ‘speed-up’ reforms, set to reduce study programmes’ lengths by many months, it’s striking that only a tenth of University of Copenhagen (UCPH) students have bothered answering questions that can help improve their study environment.

Out of 40,161 students, only 4,000 (as this article went to press) took part in Tuesday afternoon’s survey – despite having had the chance since 12 November.

According to Prorector Lykke Friis and UCPH management it is essential that the study environment works, if the University and its students are to stand a chance of living up to the government’s demand of faster course completion times.

Millions invested in survey results

And the survey is the primary way for students to point out faults and make their needs known in relation to student interaction with the administration.

Fewest people have taken part at the Faculties of Theology and Law (6 and 8 percent participation, respectively), whilst they appear to be more socially conscious at the Faculty of Social Sciences with a 14 percent participation rate.

“UCPH’s administration and lecturers cannot create a challenging study environment on their own. To help us improve, we need some concrete knowledge of what works and what doesn’t,” Prorector Lykke Friis said when the survey was made public.

Deadline coming up fast

The results of the study environment survey will be analysed at the beginning of the new year, after which the deans of the six Faculties will write up plans of action to deal with the problems revealed by the survey.

At the same time, the administration is investing millions of DKK to improve the study environment at UCPH – also based on the results of the survey.

The final chance to respond to the survey is 2 December. Every student at the University has received a link from which they can complete the survey in their university e-mail inbox.

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