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Students share dorm rooms to save cash

Student couples and friends often share tiny single dorm rooms to cut costs, even though they risk eviction if caught

College dorm rooms are small. There is usually space for a wardrobe, a bed, and if you are lucky, a desk.

However, many students still manage to find space for a friend or live-in partner in their tiny student residence, even though this is against dorm rules.

This is according to the Danish newspaper metroXpress, who conducted a telephone survey among residents at dorms in Copenhagen.

Room sharers face eviction

»We hear of this quite regularly and we send students a reminder. If they keep it up, they get evicted,« says Gitte Peitersen, administrator at Kollegiernes Kontor i København (KKiK), an organisation that lets dorm rooms in Copenhagen.

»They use more resources such as heating and water, which the other residents then have to pay for,« she adds.

Economic crisis to blame

The National Union of Students in Denmark (DSF) says that the economic crisis may be partly to blame, as it has become harder for students to find a job.

A growing number of students contact KKiK due to financial difficulties.

»There has been an increase in numbers of students contacting us because they cannot find a job and have trouble paying their rent,« says Gitte Peitersen.