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Students should get out of ‘rooms and libraries’

New club to make international students in Copenhagen’s universities and faculties more active in events

A new International Student Society of Copenhagen (ISSC) encourages students of all nationalities to unite and socialise through exciting events and meet-ups.

Started at the beginning of 2012, they now kick off the term with a cake competition this Saturday.

The University Post caught up with one of the society’s founders, Francesco Emanuele Bucci, for a quick-fire chat on how it all happened, and where the inspiration came from.

Born at natural science faculty

So Francesco Emanuele Bucci, exactly what is the ISSC?
»It’s a non-profit association created and managed by students. The purpose of the ISSC is to improve student life, help their networking, and to organize activities and events.«

»If there are students who want to build up a Chess Club, a Sailing Club or a ‘Blind Solving of the Rubik Cube’ Club, we’re here to help them obtain the material that they need, the facilities that they need, the advertising that they need.«

What compelled you to set up the ISSC?
»The ISSC was born at the Faculty of Science, at the Northern Campus. Where I come from, Bologna, the faculties are well mixed, and it’s easier to meet people who study different subjects than yours, and which have a different approach to problems, topics, news and life. The variety is what makes life interesting and not flat. We had to do something.«

Loves the city’s possibilities

What words of wisdom can you pass down to incoming international students?
»Don’t close yourself in the library and in your room. Keep yourself busy not only with study but also with another activity or different activities: it helps to live better, to relax and study/work better than if you’re dedicating your full time to your studies.«

What do you love about Copenhagen and what would you change?
»I love the possibilities that are hidden in this city. Copenhagen offers an international environment. You can meet students coming from all around the world, and I like it. Nonetheless it doesn’t seem to be student friendly: there are not so many student discounts and facilitations as in other cities.«

»The housing situation is very bad, everyone is aware of this…I love the fact that the city is bike oriented: easy and healthy. I’m not going to waste words on the climate!«

Cake competition

What does the future hold for ISSC?
»In the immediate future we are going to start with the cultural activities (theatre group, music group, film-making group, a photography exhibition)…We’re starting with ‘time banking’, a sports tournament, workshops, movie nights, Esperanto classes, music jam sessions. Every Wednesday we meet at the Studenterhuset during office hours and for the Board Game Afternoon. We’re also planning international dinners and parties for members.«

The Cake Competition is being held at the Studenterhuset this Saturday 15th September at kl.16:30. Visit the ISCC website here for more info on how you can sign up, or sample the sweet treats.

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