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Students should pay for tuition, says opposition

DANISH NEWS - the opposition has called on the government to appoint a new commission to consider the use of user fees for college and university students

The Liberals’ education spokesperson Esben Lunde Larsen said one would have to be very short-sighted not to recognise that paying for at least part of their tuition would encourage students to qualify sooner, report and

“Obviously it could create some social imbalance but there’s no doubt that when you’re paying for something you make a greater effort,” she said, suggesting a fast-working commission that would publish its findings within a year.

Although the proposal has the backing of The Confederation of Danish Industries (DI), Education Minister Morten Østergaard said he failed to understand how demanding a fee could ever improve the quality of higher education. He said: “Free and equal access to education is a fundamental principle for this government and money should play no role. So I say no.”

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