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Students to help hire professors

Student representatives will, from now on, take part in academic appointment committees

The University of Copenhagen has now adopted new rules for appointing professors and academic staff, reports Student representative will take part in appointment committees and influence the outcome of the hiring process.

The rules apply from April 2013.

“It was a long and strenuous struggle to ensure student representation in the appointment committee. We consider it a huge success and we are pleased that students are now able to influence who teaches them” says Karl Kristiansen, Vice President of the Student Council.

Student council: No more ‘I am too qualified to teach’

“We don’t need any more faculty staff who consider themselves too qualified to perform their teaching duties, or faculty staff who considers teaching nothing more than a power point show and a reading aloud session. We want dedicated and passionate faculty staff, not staff who teach out of sheer necessity,” he continues.

The committee used to just include the Dean, the leader of the implied institute, the study programme head.

The procedure for nominating the student representative has been worked out in co-operation with the student council.

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