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Students to nominate best tech and admin staff at UCPH

The award is a token of appreciation to the Technical & Administrative Personnel at the University of Copenhagen (UCPH)

The first ever TAP Award will be presented on May 8 at the UCPH Spring Festival 2015.

The annual award is jointly organized by Studenterhuset and Studenterrådet (Student Council) in order to show their appreciation for the work of Technical & Administrative Personnel (TAP) at the university.

”It is important to us, that it’s the students who nominate and help decide who will receive this year’s TAP Award. The TAPs are a group of UCPH employees who often help the students a lot, but we don’t always remember them as being integral to our student life as a whole. Normally it’s the academic staff that we relate to the most, but this is about to change now”, states Ida Nielsen Langendorf, a member of Studenterhuset’s board.

Nominate your favourite TAP employee

All students at UCPH can nominate an individual or a group of TAP employees, who they believe have made the biggest difference in their life as students.

It can be student counsellors, who always have the energy to help, if you are lost in the curriculum. Exam secretaries, who make sure that everyone is signed up for their exams, even when KU-net is acting up. Or the Campus Service officers, who stay that extra hour for a student event, and who then turn the blind eye to the fact, that the tables aren’t quite put back in their right place the next morning.

As Ida Nielsen Langendorf puts it:

”As a student at the University of Copenhagen we are depending on the big daily efforts from the TAP employees – and even more in the extraordinary situations where they go above and beyond to help us. The award is intended as a celebration of the people that make the biggest difference for student life at the University of Copenhagen. We want to acknowledge these efforts. This award is our way of saying thank you, and we hope that many students will nominate candidates for the award. We encourage everyone to think about which TAP employees have helped make student life better, more enjoyable and easier to navigate”.

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