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Students turned parking lot into photo booth

Students from Faculty of Science turned a parking spot into a cozy photo booth and a hang-out. All a part of a wider urban space initiative. University Post was there to take photos

Passers-by on Falconer Allé in Frederiksberg on Friday were stopped, photographed and chatted to by students from the Faculty Sciences at the University of Copenhagen. Sitting on a bench, surrounded by trees, the students had coffee and cake ready to share with visitors on a parking spot by the pavement.

The student initiative is part of the international Park(ing) day 2012, which turns parking spots all over the world into small parks for everyone to enjoy. The University of Copenhagen supported the initiative and provided the necessary transformation tools. The parking space was completely transformed by the students and was decorated with a pink frame, green carpet, plants, a bench and chairs to bring people together for a minute or more.

»We are eager to learn by working with citizens on projects in the public space and building up an open and evolving source of knowledge on co-creation processes of urban life and places: ‘Collective Urbanism’«, a student said to our photographer.

See the photos

The organising students from the Faculty of Science are part of a student organisation called ‘Creative Roots’ which is open for students and alumni from the Landscape Architecture and Urban Design degree as well as volunteers and sponsors.

Despite the rainy grey September weather the (Park)ing day initiative attracted crowds and passers-by, perhaps lured in by the apples and homemade cookies handed out. Our photographer described the transformed parking spot atmosphere as »very warm and cozy«.

See her photos from the event in this gallery.

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