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Students unpacked: Anna

In our new series, reporter Elena asks 7 students what mementos they brought when moving to Copenhagen. A special Australian ointment and a decades-old beanie are priorities for Anna.

“These items represent a special connection that ties me to my home, and reminds me f the wonderful people I have in my life who I can always talk to. My diary is also very essential, as it encourages me to reflect on my experiences and in this way talk to myself, and make sense of what’s going on in my life and work through any difficulties or challenges I might be having” said Anna, a 21-year-old student from Australia. She is studying environmental and sustainability science at the University of Copenhagen this semester.

Anna’s must-haves:

• A journal. Anna’s mother gave it to her for Christmas before she left for exchange.
• A ring from a family friend.
• Pawpaw ointment, which is an Australian must-have! It is an Australian balm made from papaya fruit which heals everything from cuts to dry lips.
• A beanie knitted by Anna’s mother back when she was in her twenties, which she passed on to Anna to protect against the Copenhagen cold.
• A photo of Anna and her brother when they were young.

Want to see what other students unpacked? Elena , Esther , Jacob share their must-haves.

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