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Students unpacked: Esther

For our new series, we asked seven students what mementos they brought when moving to Copenhagen. Esther's must haves from France remind her of family.

“I am very close to my family and all the objects that I brought are related to them.” says Esther Weill, a 20 year old anthropology student from France.

Esther’s must-have’s

• A mug, which was a present for her 17th birthday. She associates it with relaxing Sunday breakfasts with her family.
• A flute. Ester and her family love to play and listen to music, as well as singing and dancing. She has been playing flute for 9 years now and thought it could be a nice way of socializing with musicians in Copenhagen.
• A foulard, which she got from her paternal grandmother from a trip in India
• Her maternal grandmother’s wedding ring.
• A drawing and a letter from her younger sister.

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