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Students unpacked: Petra

In our new series, reporter Elena asks 7 students what mementos they brought when moving to Copenhagen. Volleyball enthusiast Petra won't do without her sportsgear

“As a volleyball player I am just used to practice everyday and could not imagine my life without volleyball, even here in Copenhagen”

Volleyball plays an important role in Petra’s life, so her beloved volleyball equipment must definitely come along. and Nela and Petra are spending their exchange semester in Copenhagen together, so they took also common items with them. They decided to bring some typically Croatian liqueurs – made out of honey, blueberry and cherry.

“We brought the liquors to show other students from all over the world Croatian traditional drinks” they said.

Want to see what other students unpacked? Elena, Esther, Jacob, Johanna, Anna and Nela share their must-haves.

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