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Students unpacked: Rosanne

In our new series, reporter Elena asks 7 students what mementos they brought when moving to Copenhagen. Roseanne mixes practicality and sentimentality

Rosanne Koekkoek is a 21 year old Communications student from Holland. She chose to mostly bring practical things with her on exchange to Copenhagen, but many items also carry emotional value.

Roseanne’s must-haves:

•A backpack, which reminds her of a trip to Istanbul with her boyfriend.
•A small guide to Denmark which was a present from her friends back home.
•A dream catcher, which was a vital element in her room in Amsterdam.
•Gloves … “because it is very cold to bike here…” says Roseanne.

Want to see what other students unpacked? Elena and Esther share their must-haves.

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