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Students: We are meeting strangers

New people are entering our lives, students reckon

International exchange students have more contact with strangers than Danish students. This is according to a University Post survey of daily routines ‘Your Typical Day’.

In total, more than half of students, Danish and international, have had a conversation with a complete stranger within the last week.

The survey will soon be reported in full on

New surroundings, new people

The obvious interpretation is that students on short periods of exchange study are in contact with complete strangers, because they are in a new city, surrounded by new study-mates.

The University Post asked Danish and international students the following question as part of the survey: When was the last time you had a face-to-face conversation with a complete stranger that lasted more than five minutes?

80 per cent of international exchange students responded that they had met a stranger once within the last week. 57 per cent of international full degree students had met one, while 49 per cent of Danish student respondents had met one within the last week.

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