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Students welcomed at big ceremony

Music, hot-dogs and beer washed down the rector's speech at an entertaining welcome ceremony for international students. Check out the pictures

The heads of each faculty were dressed in their finest robes today as they were introduced to Copenhagen’s newest students. Played in to the sound of trumpets, they wore distinctive clothing for each faculty.

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Each faculty dean was cheered by their students, a small one for the tiny Theology faculty, and a loud one for the larger sciences despite the rector temporarily forgetting the dean’s name.

Making new friends

The rector applauded the students for coming, saying the world needed people who would »face the unknown, [with] talented students unafraid of new experiences«

A claim of Tintin’s Danish heritage drew mutters from the Belgian students, but despite this most students enjoyed the trumpets and choral music that bookended the speeches.

The ceremony ended with the rectors hope that the people there would make »new friends from all over the world« before everyone spilled into the courtyard to enjoy beer and hot-dogs.

See pictures in our gallery here and more on our Facebook page here.

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