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Study: Highly-educated internationals want to leave

DANISH NEWS - One in five non-Danes with a higher education want to leave for better career opportunities abroad

Independent Danish think tank DEA surveyed 400 highly-educated foreigners, and found that Denmark is experiencing difficulty holding on to professional and skilled internationals, reports seven59 and other Danish media.

Head of research at DEA, Martin Lung, said its concerning to see that so many trained professionals aren’t happy in this country.

”This type of immigrant is extremely valuable to the private sector and generates a lot of tax revenue for the public sector. Unfortunately, Denmark isn’t good enough at meeting their demands,” says Martin. He added that future career developments are the decisive factor for whether a foreigner chooses to stay here. The survey shows, surprisingly, that high Danish taxes have a relatively minor impact.

Senior researcher Frederik Thuesen, of the National Research Centre for Welfare, highlighted the problem of creating a social network with traditionally ‘reserved’ Danes as another reason why many are considering leaving.

Minister for Research and Innovation, Morten Østergaard, promised that the government is preparing a new proposal for how Denmark can become better at holding on to skilled immigrants.

See the full article in Danish newspaper Berlingske here. (In Danish)

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