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SU cuts: Prime Minister defiant

DANISH POLITICS - Defiant Helle Thorning-Schmidt dismisses internal party criticism of the government’s growth plan ahead of promised demonstrations by students

Ahead of Thursday’s planned demonstration against cuts in student grants, a number of prominent local council Social Democrats have publicly come out against the proposal to fund corporate tax relief with cuts in social entitlements, writes

Copenhagen Town Hall youth and childen administrator Anne Vang says she has difficulty recognising her own party.

But the Prime Minister Helle Thorning-Schmidt says people are free to say and think what they want. But there will be no change in policy and she won’t be turned.

SU system is robust

“Everybody has an opinion but we have laid out a strong policy that will create jobs in the private sector and that’s all that counts,” she said, adding that she wasn’t alarmed by the prospect of a major demonstration outside parliament today Thursday.

“We’ve modified the student grant and loan system far more far more gently than the previous Lib/Con coalition would have done and we’re satisfied with the outcome.”

“The system remains robust but we’ve managed to save some money in certain areas.”

Link to DR news story (in Danish)

Poll: Support for government

In a related development, school teachers are also expected to demonstrate today, as their bargaining for an agreement broke down.

A Gallup poll shows that 54 per cent of the Danish populace agree with the overall government stimulus package, which includes SU cuts, is a ‘good idea’. Just 29 per cent are against. They were not specifically asked about the SU cutbacks.

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