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SU grant: Can you get it?

An EU court ruling has forced the Danish government to allow the payment of SU study grants to non-Danes who also work in the country. See here if you can apply (updated July 2016)

An updated article with the new rules for SU eligibility can be found here.

Non-Danish EU citizens should have the same rights as Danes to receive access to Danish SU student grants, according to a recent EU-court ruling, and just confirmed in a deal between government and opposition parties. This is so long as they are employees or workers.

According to a memorandum from the Ministry of Research, Innovation and Education that has been made available to the University Post, this means that EU citizens can now apply to SU student loans and grants if they work more than 10-12 hours a week and fulfill certain conditions.

Here is who is eligible, and who is not.

Eligible for SU

You are eligible if you are:

• an EU or EEA citizen
• work 10 to 12 hours a week
• are studying at a Danish university for a full degree (that is, not through an exchange programme)

Not eligible for SU

You are not eligible if you are

• a non-EU or non-EEA citizen
• don’t have a job of 10-12 hours a week
• are an exchange student at a Danish university while doing a full degree at your home university

Previously, the Ministry of Education has looked to the length of a non-Danes’ stay in Denmark to determine whether their purpose is to study, and have disqualified applicants that were in the country more than 10 weeks before the start time of their studies. They will no longer do this.

How much is SU?

The present SU rate is DKK 5.941 (approximately EUR 800) a month before tax for students not living with parents.

Extra support is available for those who support children themselves.

Do you already get SU? Here is what the reform means for those who are already recipients.

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