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Sunday night is Oscar night at Studenterhuset

The red carpet will be rolled out Sunday and the fine folks at Studenterhuset will be covering the whole film-awards live

The Academy is congregating for the 85th time on the 24th of February in Los Angeles to dole out Oscars to actors, directors, and various other movie personalities. There will be glamour, champagne, extravagant outfits, and celebratory speeches as films are honoured with what is arguably the most prestigious prize in the business.

As the ceremony is about to begin at the Dolby Theatre in Hollywood, the red carpet will also be rolled out in Studenterhuset here in Copenhagen. Students are invited to vicariously experience Hollywood’s dazzle, on its most dazzling night, which will be televised on a large screen for all to see. Starting at 10pm, the doors will open, and everyone is welcome. Unlike the real award ceremony, there are no admission fees, and prices are reasonable, especially if you bring your student ID.

Very much like the real Academy Awards, however, participants are encouraged to show up in their finest clothing. Red lips and fancy dresses for the ladies, and tuxedos for the guys, are all highly encouraged, and champagne will, of course, flow. What better excuse is there to be fancy, than communally watching an award ceremony honouring some of the fanciest people alive? Fashion, glitz, and glamour: all a part of showbiz.

Get ready for a long night

The movie buffs in the crowd will be able to show off their knowledge, as there will be a ballot predicting the winners. Guessing the correct films will net you free movie tickets.

»People who watch the Oscars love the glamour of the whole thing, so we expect to see a lot of people dressed up for the event. We will be playing our part: there will be a red carpet, and we will be serving champagne. There will also be snacks — we are going to make sure nobody starves«, said Stine Agerbæk, volunteer coordinator for Studenterhuset, to University Post.

We should note, of course, that the ceremony itself does not start until 8pm Eastern Standard Time, and normally lasts for about 3 hours. This means that those of us in Copenhagen get to watch it from 2am to roughly 5am. We hope you have no plans for Monday morning.

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