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Surge of students into Danish universities

Records broken, as more young people opt to start this semester

For the fourth consecutive year, the number of students admitted to institutes of higher learning has risen – to 60,537 students, a 6 per cent increase over 2011. This is according to our news partner and

Women once again make up the majority (57 per cent), but men are slowly catching up, with a 1 percentage point increase to 43 per cent.

In bachelor’s programmes, the greatest increases have been in the technical sciences, humanities and social sciences, while the largest declines were seen in theology, architecture and design.

Industry: A shame for business

Although the Confederation of Danish Industry (DI) welcomes the record numbers, it cautions that many students seem to have chosen areas that lack job prospects:

Chief consultant Sarah Gade Hansen says that it is, »a shame – both for business and for those young people.«

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