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Surveyors and builders hard at work on new Panum complex in Copenhagen

North Campus new Panum extension, the Maersk Building, is the hit on Instagram, as constructors pose with fancy equipment in a fascinating location

A Trimble S6, with CU controller and special data collecting software, is just one of the fancy gadgets that the builders and surveyors are showing off in their Instagram shots at the new Panum building site in Copenhagen.

Along the way, the Maersk Building’s surveyors, builders, and site workers have been documenting their process over Instagram.

”#surveylife” tags surveyor and instagram user, larsgotfredsen, who tells his followers that they are using ”a Trimble CU Controller is best when we measure in pairs. The TSC3 is best when you are alone. The software to get data out/in is something we have developed.”

Hard at work

The Maersk Building at Panum, the Faculty of Health and Medical Science, will be sixteen stories tall and will be the social hub of campus, with auditoriums, classrooms, conference rooms, labs, and cafes. Its planned completion date is 2015, but construction has been ongoing since 2012.

The workers have been snapping artistic pictures of their work, as well as shots of the building’s foundation. Its organic forms, colour scheme, clean lines and patterns that led to the awarding of an international architecture prize to C.F. Møller, the architecture firm behind the project, in 2010.

See the pictures from the campus building site in the gallery below, and see our previous article Skyscraper to expand Nørre campus, with a gallery set of what the building is expected to look like when completed.

See more information, including a film and a time lapse of the construction here.

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