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Swedes censor climate change textbook

A textbook with criticism of climate research methods has been censored in Sweden. The book rejects global warming and climate change

As this year’s climate talks get underway in Mexico, students at the Royal University of Technology (KTH) in Stockholm, Sweden, have been learning from a textbook that climate change may not even exist.

This is according to a student at KTH, Jonathan Adler, who was quoted in the Swedish newspaper Dagens Nyheter.

»We were very upset when we received the book,« says Adler, who studies numerical analysis at KTH.

Students at KTH complained to the management, and individual pages in the book, which were mandatory to read, have now been removed from the course syllabus. But the students’ other teaching materials still contain references to the book.

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Unscientific nonsense

The now-censored book was supposed to teach students to be critical of mathematical problems in computer programs, according to the book’s author, professor at KTH Claus Johnson.

Johnson has been sharply criticised by a number of Swedish professors in mathematical statistics, meteorology and other disciplines. Critics deemed the book, »totally incorrect nonsense,« and »unscientific.«

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