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Terror trial starts today

DANISH NEWS - Four young Muslims accused of aiding killer Omar El-Hussein during last year’s Copenhagen terror attack could face life in prison

The trial against four young Muslims accused of aiding killer Omar El-Hussein last year during last year’s Copenhagen terror attack gets underway in Copenhagen District Court today, writes and

The four stand accused of aiding and abetting terrorism by providing support for Omar El-Hussein ahead of the second attack, when he brutally slayed a Jewish security guard outside a synagogue where worshippers were celebrating a Bat Mitzvah.

El-Hussein, 22, was shot dead by police hours later, having killed two people and wounded five.The prosecution aims to prove the four suspects were in close contact with El-Hussein in the hours after the first attack.

Could risk deportation

Aged between 20 and 31, all are believed to be Danish citizens but two hold dual citizenship and could risk deportation, according to media reports. They are accused of having provided the killer with ammunition, a hoodie and a bag – all used in the second attack – and for having paid for his time in an Internet cafe where he located his second target, the synagogue. Two of the men have also been charged with helping him get rid of an M95 assault rifle he used in the initial attack outside the Krudtønden Cafe in Østerbro.

The four have been detained since February and March last year and could face life in prison if found guilty. All have pleaded not-guilty.

A fifth man was released last week after 11 months in custody – allegedly El-Hussein’s younger brother – and the charges against him dropped due to a lack of evidence.

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