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The Danish 2015 election - in tweets

On Twitter, it was mostly about the gains of the populist Danish People's Party, known for their anti-immigrant platform. Others were just, well interesting. Here is a completely non-random selection of tweets

The polls have closed on the Danish election 2015 and the votes have been counted, and the blue bloc, comprised of the Danish People’s Party, the Conservative People’s Party, The Liberal Alliance, and Venstre, have emerged from the tight race as winners.

The response on social media, has mostly been in regards to the Danish People’s Party surge in popularity and prominence. But other tweets just poked a bit of fun at the whole process.

Here is our selection of interesting, cheeky, loveable, nerdy, thought-provoking tweets from election night.

1. World outside Twitter

2. Don’t leave us!

3. Winter is coming

4. Borgen

5. For the stats nerds

6. Coincidence? I think not

7. Always nice to do something with mum

8. The best man wins

9. A politician’s response

The chairman of the Socialist People’s Party says, “Congratulations to those who won yesterday. Believe me- the rest of us will keep fighting! #dkpol”

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