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The great UCPH Friday bar guide

It is a proud tradition to celebrate the week’s academic achievements by burning off brain cells. Read all about the UCPH campuses’ best bars and clubs here (updated September 2018)

After a week of hard study there is nothing better than to snuggle under a warm blanket and watch an episode of Barnaby while you consider how you will become more determined and more oriented towards ‘study progress’.

Or maybe there is. You could visit one of the many University of Copenhagen (UCPH) Friday bars and leave your brain in the cloakroom. But which Friday bar? Where is it nice to chill with friends? And which of them maxes out with the strobe lights?


Frederiksberg Campus


Frederiksberg Campus, Dyrlægevej 7
A-vej (or Acaciavej) on Frederiksberg Campus has been named the best at UCPH several times, both by the regular customers, the happy guests and the party reviewers. Why? Maybe it is the nice rooms in the former agricultural university buildings, where the walls are adorned by Storm P’s murals.

Maybe it’s the cheap quality-beers that are vended to such an extent that the A-vej is one of Carlsberg’s largest customers, and has for this reason had its own beer glass made by the brewing giant. Or maybe it’s because the regulars, which include veterinary medicine, biotechnology as well as food and nutrition people, are so laid back.
“Low-key, nice and accommodating ,” our party reviewer called them the last time we visited – rounding off with “A-vej was a real hit with me. It is worth far more visits.”


Nødebovej 77A, 3480 Fredensborg

Are you up for a trip? The Danish Forest & Landscape College in Nødebo is only a modest 40 km bike ride from the other UCPH bars – is the university’s coolest bar location. Because, let’s face it: You can have as many carefully decorated, specially themed, bars on South Campus and CSS as you want, but it will never be like a genuine log cabin in the woods.

North Campus


Nørre Campus, Universitetsparken 15, Bygning 4

The Caféen? is a legendary café association on North Campus, that is older than several of the Friday Bar’s guests.

Adventurous guests can choose between changing specialty beers, an impressive selection of shots or the good old limfjordsporter. The clientele is a mix of fun-loving students of science, and parties every Friday until 03:00.

For the first Friday bars of the year the Caféen? will have a midnight snack, and their good friends Tina and Michael will come rolling in with their hot dog stand. And if you are not sated with this, and you have finished partying at 03:00, the Caféen? after party has an open bar and after toast for all the fun-loving people who lend a hand with the clean-up.

And before you’ve got over the last Friday bar, the Caféen? really gets serious and presents one of the biggest parties of the year. The 28th September is Oktoberfest! Here you will find the perfect excuse to go crazy to Hansi Hinterseer and jump in your best pair of leather breeches.


North Campus, the University Park 2, building 10 (lokale Autoklaven)

The pharmacy students love their popular Friday bar. Since the last update of the University Post guide to Friday bars, freBAR has moved to attractive new premises with brand new fixtures in what was previously called ‘the old canteen’ in the basement of building 10.

As always, the first Friday bar of the year is dedicated to the new students at the School of Pharmaceutical Sciences. Here freBAR offers a party with a live band – and the (ir)responsible people behind the bar assure thirsty students that every Friday bar in the coming academic year will be a bash.

On you can keep yourself updated on which associations organise the various Friday bars throughout the year.


North Campus, Københavns Biocenter, Ole Maaløes Vej 5

mBar is run by volunteers from Biochemistry and Molecular Biomedicine. But it is open to anyone who wants to drop by North Campus. mBar is known for a packed floor, beer pong and cheap drinks. It is one of the few Friday bars at the University, which also organises a LAN party (perhaps the only one?), but that does not mean, that there is no partying going on. Especially mBAR’s October Fest is a crowd-puller.

Studenterklubben at Panum

North Campus, Panum-Instituttet, Blegdamsvej 3b, Building 9
Students of medicine at Panum, the Faculty of Health and Medicine buildings, can be justly proud of their Friday Bar which has the reputation of being one of the University’s best – and with the longest opening hours. Whether the students at Panum have access to special caffeine pills we will leave unsaid, but the fact remains that the Friday bars at Studenterklubben run from 11.00 (in the morning) to 23.45 (at night). Disco lighting, concerts and crowded dance floors are a fixture, and if you for some reason don’t think that 12-hour bars sound wild enough, don’t despair . Studenterklubben at Panum is in fact notorious for its intense 69-hour parties where DJs , live bands , stand-up comedians and themed bars party for 69 hours straight.

The advice given by connoisseurs is that the queue at the parties may be hours long – so come early if you want to party.

Gossip: Panum’s Friday Bar once housed the ‘shaft’ or Skakten – a concrete shaft behind the Friday Bar room which you only had access to if you were topless or bottomless. According to the Studenterklubben the ’shaft’ has been closed.

South Campus


South Campus, building 24 (Room 24.0.57)

At the beginning of 2018, the Kæ’féen changed its name to Ambarssaden to revitalise the Friday bar and to indicate that the student bar is the link between language nerds at the Department of English, Germanic and Romance Studies. There are ample opportunities to practice on foreign tongues with students and in German and Portuguese when Ambarssaden turns into a sizzling Friday bar.

The drinks card is varied and inexpensive, and the cold draught beer is served from Ambarssadens own draught beer system, known under the name of “Mother”. You can get one for DKK 15 and one for each hand for DKK 25.


South Campus, KUA2, Building 10
The Friday bar at ToRS (Cross-Cultural and Regional Studies) was totally devastated by the construction of the KUA 3 complex. But BARstionen reopened on the old premises 1 February, 2016 with a couple of selling points: Rooftop and cheap beer. What’s not to like?


South Campus, KUA2, Bygning 12
Saxo – Institute students (of Prehistoric Archaeology, Classical Archaeology, Ethnology, Greek & Latin and History) are fortunate to have KUA ‘s largest Friday Bar where the volume discount on shots may be the cheapest in the entire KUA Faculty of Humanities complex (10 for DKK 60). The large rooms are creatively decorated with gold-framed paintings of historical figures – this is after all the student bar for history and archaeology buffs.

Helga has a Friday bar every Friday during the semester, and in the coming semester, all the new classes at SAXO will be allowed to host their own Friday bar, so the theme and music selection will vary endlessly. The party committee HAD will hold a huge party on 5th October, and if you need to frolic or hustle, this is simply the place to be!


City Campus, Jurahuset, Studiestræde 34

Every other week the Juridisk Diskussionsklub organises a Friday bar in the new home of the Faculty of Law on South Campus. In the old days (read: before 2017) Jurabar only had the space for a few hundred customers in their inner city-dive, but after the move there is finally room for the masses at the largest study programme at UCPH.

Jurabar offers its thirsty customers the student classic Grøn Tuborg, but party people with a taste for Somersby, Garage or Bacardi Breezer are alo well taken care of. And as something new, a real bar has been installed in the room behind the canteen.

Rumour has it that the Jurabar is UCPH’s most well-dressed Friday bar, so iron your shirt or polish your shoes, if you want to look like the rest of the clientele.

Nordisk Kaffebar

South Campus, Building 22 (Room 22.0.62)

The language acrobats at the Department of Nordic Studies and Linguistics only do a Friday bar once a month in the Nordisk Kaffebar on South Campus – so remember to do some research on the coffee bar’s Facebook page before you pull in your study mates. In contrast to many other Friday bars at UCPH, Nordisk Kaffebar hold back on the themed evenings – so it is the place for you if you cannot bear to jump into those old carnival costumes, but would rather just guzzle cheap beer in pleasant surroundings.


South Campus, KUA2, Building 14

Each of the eight departments at the Faculty of Humanities have their own Friday bar. At MEF the Department of Media, Cognition and Communication it is called Olympen. Every Friday, when the light chains in the small café are switched on, the Olympen turns into a sanctuary for the tired and thirsty students. The fridges are loaded with cold beer, shots, and Underberg-and-Smirnoff Ice. They let us know that Underberg and Smirnoff is a particular MEF tradition, but that everyone is welcome in the bar.

Judging by the pictures on their Facebook, Olympen has cleaned up and made ready for the 2018 season, which – as in most other Friday bars – starts 7th September. Let’s see how long this will last.

Roland Bar

South Campus, KUA1, Building 21

It has been said about Roland, that you find the bar at the place where the band Aqua and the philosopher Foucault melt together, and where the singer Medina and Adorno coexist on a plane that ensures that the day never dawns.

In addition – to support the arts – Roland Live! is held twice a semester – a successful event with an open stage, where anyone can perform whatever they feel a passion for, whether it is poetry slam, stand-up comedy, or interpretive dance battles.

This year, the Friday bars take place without the bar’s talisman, the Golden Banjo which disappeared this year when a tornado of Friday bar sports science students blew through Roland Bar. If you have a tip about where the banjo can be, please write to


South Campus

“There are no easy answers to the big questions – and it is not easy to ask them,” Theology writes on the UCPH website. It is certainly not hard to agree, but it may be a little easier to ask the big questions after a few beers. As the Faculty of Theology moved to what they call ‘Sinner Campus’, the much-loved Teobar followed them, and they have managed to export their cosy bar atmosphere from the cellar in Købmagergade to the KUA3 glass temple on Njalsgade street. The explanation. Well maybe the Theo-people are just nice people – and they have one of UCPH’s best bar menus, with excellent drinks and altar wine (port).

City Campus


City Campus, Østre Voldgade 10

Geobar is, as the name suggests, the Friday bar for the geography and geology students. The students behind the bar always have a great party, and this positive sentiment usually spreads to a densely packed dance floor. When one of the University Post reporters in 2016 tried to fight their way through 12 Friday bars in an evening, it was Geobar that finally put an end to his evening.

Geobar is held every other Friday, and they only accept cold cash. Each Friday bar has its own theme, e.g., beer tasting bar, bingo with sponsored gifts, après-ski, etc.. The theme is often tied to a craft beer/alcohol specially imported for the occasion.


City Campus, CSS, Building 12

The Kommunen is a meeting place for students of the Social Sciences, and things get out of hand when the smart finance boys and speculating psychology girls meet up in beautiful symbiosis on the dance floor. DJs from the Copenhagen nightlife are often on the line-up and the good Fridays have the dance floor packed to the brim. The Kommunen has table football, shots and cheap beer – and there are many dark corners with shabby sofas, making for perfect kissing corners as the night moves towards an end. Connoisseurs can kick start their weekend, when the so-called municipal beer service (KØS) every Friday afternoon serves specialty beer from microbreweries.

The Kommunen board of directors are already afraid of everyday life and early morning philosophy of science classes. So they have organised a huge party 7th September. The theme is rave.

And so this brings our review of the UCPH watering holes to a close. This year’s edition is also dedicated to the legendary Biobar that had to close before the summer holidays due to the construction of the new Natural History Museum of Denmark in the botanical gardens.

If you wonder where the Friday bar tradition comes from, you can read more here.


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