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Theatre will 'unplug' Shakespeare again

Student-friendly English-language That Theatre Company opts to repeat its noted Shakespeare Unplugged

The joys and poetry of the language of the world’s best playwright will be introduced to both newcomers and connoisseurs again. The English-language That Theatre with the student friendly prices is repeating its celebrated Shakespeare Unplugged show.

Just like last time, which was back in 2012, the audience will be drawn in by a novel setting.

“The setting of the play is a pub. There is a dartboard, a TV screen and a bar that is open for the duration of the performance. The first 40 members of the audience can choose to sit on the stage with the actors. This was a custom at Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre and helps to make this production something special,” explains That Theatre.

Answer this one question

For University Post readers there is an extra incentive to gather friends and go to the play. There will be two preview showings, 15 and 16 February, both at 20:00, and That Theatre offers our readers 10 tickets for both.

All you have to do is answer the following question: What Shakespeare play has the characters of Pyramus and Thisbe, Snout, Moonshine, Lion and Wall?

Quickly send the answer to, and a ticket is yours.

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