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These Danish health bloggers are inspiring students

11,700 people follow Anna's workout posts. Now she herself recommends her own favourite other Instagram profiles. They will make you a fitter, healthier student

She went through nine hip surgeries as a teenager. But Anna Warrington bounced back, and now offers readers tips about workouts and diets on her popular Instagram profile and blog.

Exclusive for the University Post, she now also shares her list of her own favourite health and fitness Instagram profiles:

Bikini fitness and getting a good workout

Mette Lyngholm is a former bikinifitness athlete and Danish champion and is now a mummy to be. She writes about her life as a personal trainer and her experiences with life as an athlete,” explains Anna Warrington.

Photo: @mettelyngholm, Instagram

On the same note, Nini Gøthler is “one of the most succesful Danish bikini fitness athletes who competes internationally. She writes about the glamour and the everyday struggle of choosing to be a semi-professional athlete,” says Anna.

Photo: @ninigoethler, Instagram

According to Anna Warrington, students who are trying to change to a healthier and fitter lifestyle, should attempt to take on new habits slowly.

Amanda Louise Warlo is a “personal trainer and physiotherapist who also competes as a bikinifitness athlete in her free time. She loves to inspirere people with her workouts which vary from crossfit to weightlifting and cardio.”

Photo:, Instagram

Coming back from adversity

Some of the best accounts are by Instragram bloggers who (like Anna) have a personal comeback story to tell.

Like Britt – Healthy Bbc. She is in Anna’s words, “a Danish girl living with lipodemia which causes her to store more body fat than normal people. She writes about overcoming the struggle of having the odds against her but still training hard and eating healthy.”

Photo: @healthybbc, Instagram

Mette – Getfitinspiration, is “a Danish girl who has lost 35 kilos but gained weight again last year due to a depression. She is very open about her life and her battle against the extra kilos. She also tries to break down the stereotypes and taboos connected with being overweight. For instance, she works out in tights and colorful clothes not hiding her body.

Photo: @getfitinspirationdk, Instagram

Just as inspirational is Fie Friedrichsen who, Anna says, is a “fighter who has lost 75 kilos and inspires women all over the world with their weight loss. She has been very open about her mental illnesses, her childhood and her skin removal surgeries after losing the weight she wanted. She writes about living a healthy life and keeping the weight off.

Photo: @fiefriedrichsen, Instagram

Eating to reach that sweet, fit spot

And then there is diet.

According to Anna, people should not set unrealistic goals with their fitness, their diet, or their lifestyle. A healthy life style should fit your life style and not the other way around. Neither should a person put themselves under extreme regimes to live a healthy life.

But with this in note, there are a number of Instagram bloggers that can inspire in terms of healthy cooking and eating.

Take Pernille Hovmand Petersen – Glutenfrimagi for example.
“If you are living with celiac or simply just do not eat gluten then glutenfri magi is the profile for you! She uploads new and exiting gluten-free recipes daily.”

Photo: @glutenfrimagi, Instagram

Plantbasedbirdie is a Scandinavian “young woman living in Copenhagen who inspires others with her colourful vegan and plant based recipes,” explains Anna.

Photo: @plantbasedbirdie, Instagram

Jane Faerber – Madbanditten is a Danish author and blogger “who eats LCHF – low carb, high fat, and is very motivational with her views on easy and organic food for the whole family. ”

Photo: @janefaerber, Instagram

Maria – Vanloseblues calls herself a “vegetable entusiast, who simply loves to be creative with vegetables. Her photos are colorful and easy to be inspired by. The food is plant based but full of flavour. ”

Photo: @vanloseblues, Instagram

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