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Thieves raided two separate student cafés

75 kg safe ripped from the wall as devious thieves make off with DKK 20,000 from two separate cafés. Student volunteers concerned that the break-ins could have been an 'inside job'

Within two weeks the students cafés at the Faculty of Social Sciences and the Faculty of Theology have been broken into.

Approximately DKK 20,000 has been stolen from two safes, one of which was bolted to the wall. Both of them were hidden behind locked doors.

“It’s a shame that we now have to take all sorts of security-related precautions,” says Anne Torp Kristophersen, a political science student. According to her, the cafés are built on trust between the customers and volunteer staff, which has now been replaced with worry.

Thieves knew where to go

Christian Erlandsen, a theology student who up until recently used to be in charge of the finances of Kældercaféen at the Faculty of Theology has wondered whether the thieves came from the university or not:

“Immediately after the break-in, we thought it had to be students because they came in through two sets of doors that require a student card, and through a third that needs a key. When we then found out that they had broken into the entire block, as well as a bookstore next door, we realised they probably came from elsewhere,” he says.

“But they must have known where the safe was.” says Christian Erlandsen.

Police still investigating

At the Faculty of Social Sciences, volunteer staff are hoping that the Faculty will cover the losses:

“We hope and believe that we will get the money, because they depend on our coffee too. Hopefully we won’t have to resort to putting our prices up to compensate for the loss,” says Solveig Henriksen, political science student and member of Café Kommunen’s coordination group.

The break-ins, both of which took place in May, have been reported to the police, but there have been no further developments. /

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