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This Sunday: Piano virtuoso to play John Cage

Artistic event to feature mushrooms, silence, and music. Special guest is virtuoso pianist Rolf Hind who will play avant garde master John Cage. Free entrance for everyone

Art can often be many things, for different people; Confusing, inspiring, educational, and this Sunday 20 May, the Host Guest Ghost project hopes it will be a meditative experience, a ‘different’ way to spend a Sunday afternoon.

The upcoming event is a continuation of the series which the University Post covered earlier this year, (Read the article: Hot soup, art = nice, cosy, winter day) and thus far, the project has spanned five different artistic expressions and host, guest, ghost combinations.

The second-to-last event, the focus this time around will be on music. World renowned pianist and composer Rolf is the ‘guest’ for the event, chosen by ‘host’ Athelas New Music Fesitval (running 18 – 25 May) who have collaborated with DANSEhallerne for the event.

Soup in silence

As the guest, Rolf Hind has had free range to set the theme for Sunday’s performance, choosing many of the elements from his inspiration, John Cage, who is an influential 20th century avant garde American composer. Cage himself was inspired by far-eastern expression and meditation and so Hind has asked that the main part of the event be held in respectful silence. A meditation teacher and guide will even be there to assist participants in relaxing and making the most of the experience.

The soup, this time a tasty mushroom one prepared by Mauro Carinci Cara from Café and Bistro Elefanten, was also inspired by Cage who was particularly fond of them.

After eating, the event will also call the participants to a giant collaborative dish-washing session which will feature Hind playing some of Cage’s pieces and his own from a immersive music-theatre piece based on a Indian silent retreat. Which exact pieces will be played are still a secret and have sparked curiosity if Cage’s piece 4″33, composed completely of silence, will be featured.

Low-key Sunday

While the event may sound a bit out of the ordinary, event spokesperson Eva Steen Nordgagen has vouched that Host Guest Ghost is most importantly all about the hospitality and the experiment of bringing many different people with different interests and backgrounds together for the sake of art.

»While this particular event may be an out-of-body experience for some, it will also have many grounding, relaxing elements to it and allow participants to collect their thoughts. It will all be very low-key and at times even humorous,« says Nordgagen.

At the very least, the event and soup is free for up to 60 people in each session and will feature fantastic examples of both Hind’s and Cage’s work. Not a bad way to pass a Sunday afternoon and release a little stress from end-of-the year exams. The whole event is in English.

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