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Timelapse video - How to assemble a dinosaur in 1 minute

The Natural History Museum will soon open its doors to Misty the Dinosaur, a 16 metre long diplodocus. See Misty assembled in this one minute timelapse video.

[video: width:525 height:390 align:center]

The Natural History Museum in Copenhagen will open its doors to its latest dinosaur exhibit on October 1. Nicknamed “Misty”, the 16 metre long diplodocus skeleton was so big that a new wing was constructed at the museum.

See Misty assembled in one minute in this timelapse video from the Natural History Museum of Denmark.

The dinosaur skeleton will feature alongside other new objects in the Museum’s new wing, including a sperm whale skeleton, a greenlandic whale’s heart, and snails collected by the famous Danish writer HC Andersen.

For information on the new exhibits, visit the website of the Natural History Museum.

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