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Today: First Spring Festival at the University of Copenhagen

For the first time ever, the University of Copenhagen is holding a party dedicated to all students and staff

The University has leased the massive festival tents, and with the weather so far predicting cloudy with showers, those shelter-tents may be needed. Luckily, weather forecasts also predict that the sun might emerge and pay us some surprise visits throughout the day

Since yesterday, volunteers have been hard at work setting up the events that will happen throughout the North Campus festival area. Organisers hope for 8 to 12,000 guests, and if it is a success, it will start a tradition.

The lineup, here, includes sports, arts, science, and lots of music over three large stages in Universitetsparken in North Campus.

Warming up her voice

Throughout the month of April, teams from each faculty have been battling it out on campuses around the city. On the University Post, team leaders have been battling it out in a war of words.

Play by play commentary will be provided by Prorector Lykke Friis, and players will be connected to heart rate monitors during the matches.

With the intensity of the match, they might need them.

Just follow the music

From 18.00 onwards, the music begins, with performers across three stages, so you can switch between genres.

Find more information on the website, and follow our Twitter page here for more updates throughout the festival from our on-the-field team of reporters.

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