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Top 10: Cheap travel tips for Europe

Do you still not know what to do, where to go and how to spend your money wisely? Well, wonder no more. Here are the 10 best tips on how to travel cheap in Europe

10. Talk to your international friends
There is nothing better than personally knowing someone who has travelled on a low budget and had a great time. Ask around for destination suggestions or even better, tag along one of your new friends you met here in Copenhagen that is going home for Easter!

9. Consider Eastern Europe
Anywhere will be cheaper than Copenhagen, but if you go to Eastern Europe you will most likely be able to enjoy a 3 course meal for DKK 70, including alcohol. Forget Paris, London and Rome and try Prague, Budapest and Riga instead.

8. If you stay in Denmark…
It is possible to travel cheap here as well. If the weather is nice, why not bike to Helsingør (aka Elsinore in English) and visit the Kronborg castle? It is a long ride, but worst comes to worst you can come back with the S-train and take your bicycle for free with you.

7. Pack light
If you fly with a low-cost airline, most will make you pay for your baggage. Just pack a backpack or a small suitcase and make sure it fits the dimension of the cabin. It will save you a lot of unnecessary fees. Don’t forget that you are not aloud liquids over 100 ml!

6. If you prefer not to take-off
Buy a Eurail pass. You can choose the one most appropriate to you and your budget. Prices vary upon duration of the pass and the number of countries intented to visit. You can also take a ferry to Oslo and the Faroe Islands. It might be a little pricey, but the good part is that most are overnight ferries. So you wake up in complete different surroundings!

5. Fly low-cost
Most of us know about Easyjet and Ryanair, but there is Flyniki and Cimber Sterling that both fly from Kastrup and Wizzair that flies from Malmø. A good website to check out is Skyscanner which will do the job of finding the cheapest route for you.

4. Choose your accomodation wisely
If you are travelling with friends, you can get interesting discounts at certain youth hostels. Visit the following links. Sometimes they have more rooms available on these websites than what is shown on the hostel’s own page. Most of them also have clients’ reviews to help you pick a better hostel.
Hostels (make sure you check out their ‘inspire me’ function)

3. Follow the wave and couch surf
Most young travellers usually go for youth hostels, which is of course not a bad choice at all. However, Couch Surfing is definitely an option you should consider. In both cases you will make great encounters, but if you are lucky enough, your couch surfer host might take you around the city- for free. Create your profile here.

2. Visit this website
This one deserves a category of its own. It will give you more insights about your destination than any other websites you could find. It consists of reviews from the locals of 23 different cities. Oh, and Copenhagen is one of them if ever you decide to stay here:
Spotted by locals.

And our number one:

1. Skip the heavy guidebooks and get your own free tour guide
Sandeman’s New Europe offers a free walking tour in seven European cities at the moment. The guides are all energetic and will take you around the city for free! The only thing it will cost you is their tip. It is a very good idea to do the tour on your first day of arrival, this way you can orient yourself better during the next days. They even offer to book your youth hostel with them.

Happy holidays!

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