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Top 10 places to find love

If you have settled into life in Copenhagen, it may be time to look for love. Here are the University Post’s top ten best places to find it

10. Flirty Friday bars

Catch some love on Friday nights when innocent student cafés turn into flirty Friday bars!

Nearly every faculty has a café or bar where students can pre-game on Friday nights, starting as early as 4pm.

Take a trip to Amager and try out the fun bars at the old university of Copenhagen (KUA). Consider drinking a nice chilled beer while winning against the university‘s most passionate table-football players at Café17 (KUA, 17.02.).

Or dance wildly with a stranger on the tables at Nordiske Kaffebaren (KUA, 22.0.61).

9. Love at the laundromat

Everyone has some dirty laundry! But what could be more enticing than some newly-cleaned socks?

Laundromats are the perfect place to freshen up your clothes – and your love life.

At The Laundromat Café in Nørrebro, waiting for your laundry is part of the fun. You can start small talk with other laundry washers, play a game of backgammon – and invite to a cup of coffee.

8. Horny Hornsleth bar

If there is one place in Copenhagen, where »Pussy Power« is not an insult but a provocative party theme, its Hornsleth Bar.

Kristian von Hornsleth is one of Denmark’s most controversial artists, his pictures reaching from death to pornography.

The bar dedicated to his art shows a collection of his photographs, never failing to start a conversation that will end in someone blushing.

Hornsleth Bar offers free entrance, danceable music, high-end drinks and a very sexy clientele.

7. Lust at the library

What could be sexier than a dedicated student sitting behind a pile of books? Communication is to be kept to a minimum and therefore body language plays a major role. A shy smile may quickly lead to some whispered small talk – and a study break.

The biggest library in Copenhagen is The Black Diamond, but the university libraries also have a few fantastic features.

At the reading room of the English, Germanic and Romance Studies (KUA, 23.4.46a) you can enjoy your literature while laying down in comfortable hammocks for example.

6. Game-on online

If you want to date like the Danes, then try internet dating. It might make you think of greasy-haired geek doing strange things in front of their webcam, but actually internet dating is quite widespread and acceptable in Denmark. And there is something for every taste:

The most mainstream dating site is There is something for everyone, and no naughty pictures!

For the more academically focused, there is , which is exclusively for singles with a university degree.

And for bisexual, lesbian and gay dating, go to

5. Speaking in ‘tongues’

Misery loves company! The Danish language can definitely be a challenge and therefore Danish Language Courses are a great place to meet a special someone.

Here, you will not be the only person frustrated by grammar and pronunciation. A problem shared is a problem halved! You can find a study partner, exchange homework and practice dialogues.

Studieskolen offers a variety of Danish classes starting every six weeks.

4. International colour

English-speaking party people with accents from all over the world usually meet up on weekend nights at Kulør Bar.

At Kulør Bar you will meet people from every nation, can drink some Danish beer for free until 1am and show off your mixed music dance moves.

3. Naughty neighbours

Whether you live in a dorm, a shared apartment or by yourself, you should definitely get to know your neighbours better.

Who knows, you might be living door to door with someone from your hometown, share the same hobbies or listen to the same band.

Invite him/her to a friendly dinner and see what it leads to.

2. Turn on…the music

Madonna sings »Music makes the people come together« and as a worldwide sex icon, she seems to know what she is talking about.

The music venue Vega hosts the biggest concerts in Copenhagen and is the place to go when you want to enjoy a great band and a great crowd.

1.Need for Speed

You don‘t have the time to go wandering around, looking for a love match? Then you should consider speed dating!

You have two hours to meet fifteen participants of the other sex.This means you have exactly six minutes to figure out who can go on a second date with you – and who is just not in your league.

You can find times and places in Copenhagen – according to your age- here .

So that’s it. The University Post top ten places to find love.
Maybe you have found love somewhere else, and would like to share it? Tell us in the comment box below!

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