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Top 10 places to study in Copenhagen

The University Post has discovered the best places to study in Copenhagen, whatever the weather

Spring is an inspiring period, with all those outdoor sports, picnics and excursions you have been waiting for during the long winter months. But with exams and deadlines looming, reading is also a top priority.

To help you enjoy spring in Copenhagen, while still keeping up with exam prep, the University Post has discovered the ten most spring and studying-friendly spots in town, whatever the weather

10. In the company of ducklings

Especially in spring time, lots of students master the art of procrastination, and prefer to spend their time outdoors rather than hit the books.

A few hours by the lake on Amager , just on the left hand side of the Langebro bridge, with a bunch of books, is the best way to combine the two.

There is a great little wooden pier where you can watch the ducklings during your (short) breaks from reading!

9. Petal power

Spring is all about nature and fragrant flowers.
Therefore, we recommend another green reading spot – Botanic Garden on Øster Farimagsgade.

It is close to many faculties located in the central part of the city, but is still quiet enough for studying, if you can put up with singing birds and murmuring water.

Possible pitfalls to avoid are sunburn (remember sun block) and picnicking families. Get there early to reserve a bench!

8. Caffeine and a sofa

If the weather is grey, caffeine and sugar can keep you going instead of fresh air. If a cup of coffee and a cookie are as essential are for your studying as books, try out Ricco’s on Ryesgade.

Tasty coffee and freshly baked carbohydrates, comfortable table-chairs sets and lively but not disrupting atmosphere should help with your academic struggles.

7. Simple design, complex thoughts

One great way to keep yourself motivated is to study alongside other nerds. Choose a library that suits your tastes, whether you like large buzzing open expanses, or antique nooks and crannies.

If you like simple design and a certain level of academic buzz, the Humanities Faculty Library on Amager may be the spot for you.

Its simple design makes it conducive to concentration, while open space and natural motives awake creativity.

For intensive studying, choose the tables in the left wing, decorated with living plants.

6. With the fishes

A stony shore of Fisketorv separated from the busy city with a belt of the rustic harbour, is a place where the rush stops and problems end. It’s a real oasis of peace.

Surrounded by water, you will be inspired to confront your academic challenges. Fisketorv is a perfect location for planning a complex project or reading a book which is too exciting to be disturbed by any urban stimuli.

Although to get there, you need to cycle a few minutes more than to any library in the centre, it is absolutely worth it! And you can always catch a bus (no. 26).

As well as your books and a thermos with coffee, bring a blanket!

5. Leafy tranquillity in town

Simple ideas often solve complex problems. Finding an adequate studying spot can be the case. Try studying on one of the benches along the lakes. The best ones are found by the most northerly situated Sortedam lake. These benches have with huge horse-chestnut leaf canopies, which cast a shadow on the benches and keep the sun out of your eyes.

4. Frederiksberg with frisbee

If you study in weekdays, rather than at night or during the weekend, you should try one of the numerous picnic-tables in Frederikshave.

These picturesquely located benches are perfect study spots during the week, when they are not overrun with picnickers. There is plenty of space for the laptops of all members of your project-team or even the most ambitious pile of books.

And if you need a break, you can always get your circulation going with a quick jog, or a game of Frisbee with your study buddies.

3. Refill and recharge

BANG & JENSEN on Istedgade, seems to be a good studying-solution, particularly for those who feel lonely when sitting with only a book for company. Fears of alienation disappear, as soon as you enter B&J – a place crowded with other studying individuals.

Here, you will find everything you need for a successful study session: company, comfortable chairs, a refilling coffee cup and, hopefully, good ideas.

And, the lively atmosphere will certainly make sure you don’t drop off to sleep while reading.

2. Books meet coffee

If you can not decide between a library and a cafe, go to Paludan on Fiolstræde. It was created especially for coffee-loving bookworms.

If you feel torn between great coffee and books, the hybrid character of this place will guarantee your well-being while studying.

Tables in the first room by entrance are normally occupied by individuals with laptops, whereas the rooms further in attract mostly groups discussing common projects.

1. Just like Lenin

For those who like the study atmosphere in libraries, but want to get away from the university itself, the Reading Room West in the Black Diamond Library, which, owing to its over century-long history has something that can be called ‘a soul’.

Visualising intellectual struggles of numerous others throughout the years, should sharpen your desire to study.

Political scientists, for example, should check out place no. 9: library archives note that Lenin once sat here to read.

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