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Top 10: Student Discounts

Studying in Copenhagen can be expensive, but it doesn't have to be. With the stress of upcoming exams, it's always good to treat yourself with a few student perks.

Here at the The University Post, we’ve spent weeks seeking out the best study discounts (studierabat, in Danish) Copenhagen has to offer. From discounted cinema tickets to cheap coffee, there’s something for everyone; just remember to keep your student card with you and you’ll be sure to save.

10. Urban Outfitters

Dress to impress with the best hipster trends at this international fashion and culture store. From coffee-table books to the latest sneaks, you can get it all for 20% off at the online store (with free delivery!), or 10% at the city centre store on Østergade.

9. Comedy Zoo

Laugh away those exam woes at Copenhagen’s premiere comedy club. With stand up comedy performed both in English and Danish, it’s a great place to meet new people and, even better, if you’re a student you get 15% off admission price every Tuesday and Thursday. Head to the website for more info and upcoming gigs.

8. Wagamama

Sick of smørrebrød? Why not head to Wagamama instead? Founded in London, this chain of asian-fusion fast food restaurants take it’s influence from the Ramen Bars of Japanese food markets. Serving up big bowls of noodle soup, duck dumplings and the finest Chicken Katsu Curry you’ll eat this side of Tokyo. Stop by the restaurant next to Tivoli and get your stomach filled for a 25% off the menu price. This offer is available Monday-Friday from 12-17pm.

7. The Bagel House

If you’re not too full of rice and noodles, why not head over to The Bagel House on Amagerbroggade for upto 30% discount on all fresh sandwiches. Located just ten minutes walk away from Amager’s KUA campus, it might be a worthwhile alternative to the canteen offerings.

6. Global, Music Venue

This volunteer-run, Nørrebro based music venue is all about the world outside of Copenhagen. It’s here where you can witness the live delights of Afrobeat one night, and the hottest, progressive DJ from the Balkans the next.

Students get a discount of 20 DKK on all concerts if the concert is not sold out. The discount is given when you buy your ticket in the door, with a valid student card. Visit the venue website for info on all upcoming concerts you need to be at!

5. Vester Kopi

Running around desperately trying to find somewhere to print out that end of year exam paper? We’ve all been there. But now, chain printing shop Vester Kopi Vester Kopi makes the job even sweeter with upto 50% off on all study related printing jobs, and 60% off binding. With five shops across the city, you’ll be able to print out that thesis on time, and have money left over to buy that celebratory champagne.

4. Fitness World

Need to work of that Friday bar feeling? The Danish chain Fitness World offers various discounted gym memberships to University of Copenhagen staff and students. With six city based locations, the centres offer personal training sessions, yoga, boxing, swimming and many more excellent facilities. Visit the website for more info, or visit your local Fitness World for a free consultation today.

3. Student Traffic Fines

If you are unfortunate enough to get a police fine, you can visit your local police station with your official documentations and claim a 50% reduction. Your annual income must be no greater than 153.657 kroner (2012), and the fine can be halved (50%) if it is minimum 500 kroner. Read more on the Police website (in Danish).

2. Cafe Retro

Cafe Retro and Retro Nørrebro are two of the most cosy cafes in Copenhagen. With comfy sofas, free wifi, boardgames and art exhibitions, it’s a not-for-profit project, with all the proceeds going to charitable causes. Stop by either of the cafes for discounted offers on coffee, cake or beer every Tuesday-Sunday, or why not help out and volunteer yourself? Find out more at the Cafe Retro website.

1. Cinemateket

With the chilly Scandinavian winter approaching, there’s nothing more ‘hyggeligt’ than meeting then going to the movies. The Danish Film Institute’s Cinemateket is the city’s best, hosting Danish premiers of new movies alongside forgotten classics from across the world. As if it wasn’t tempting enough, they have a student offer you can’t refuse.

For the measly fee of 145kr a year, with 40% off all regular performances for you and a friend, 10% off the DFI’s restaurant SULT every Wednesday, invitation to special members only events and monthly programmes sent directly to your post box.

To sign up, head down to the Cinemateket on Gothersgade in person, or go to the DFI website.

Is there any that we missed? If you have a great student offer or discount hotspot let us know!

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