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Top 5 tips for introverted students

Self-confessed introvert Camilla has five tips for introverts at university

Being an introvert at university can be difficult. Student socialising is geared towards extroverts, with orientation camps, intro meetings, and Friday nights out all leading to social anxiety. University of Copenhagen student Camilla Lærke Lærkesen has five tips for other introverts such as herself.

Camilla is a self-confessed introvert at the University of Copenhagen who recently outed herself in a featured comment to clear up misconceptions about introverts.

In this opinion piece Camilla told the story how she is the “kind of person who goes to a party and hides in the bathroom. The kind of person who goes to bed early on the university’s intro party.”

“I never thought I’d be a good spokesperson” says Camilla, who nevertheless gives out some helpful advice to those who consider themselves introverts

1. Accept yourself as you are

I know it sounds cliché, but it is often extroverted types who will dominate a situation or encounter, so an introvert needs to explain and defend their need to recharge alone. You are an introvert, and that’s okay.

2. Choose someone to confide in

“You don’t have to declare “I’m an introvert” to everyone. Be open to a few people when at a party that you’re not up for a crazy table dance in the middle of a Friday night out. That way you can escape the guilt that comes with telling white lies. ”

3. Walk into large events with a friend

“If you are attending a large event and feel intimidated by the number of people, take a friend so you have someone to talk to and don’t have to enter alone.”

4. Make a promise to yourself

“For example, I have a rule that I never leave an event with a bad experience. I will allow myself to go home early, but I always have to leave on a good note, like a nice conversation. That way I don’t go home feeling bad or awkward. ”

5. Get inspired by literature

“In Danish I recommend Anna Skyggebjergs book ’Introvert’ or Susain Cain’s book ’Quiet’, both hold up a useful mirror from which to reflect on being an introvert.”

How to cope as an introvert at university. Any recommendations to add to Camilla’s? Write in the comment field below.

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