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Top 5 ways to get rid of your gear

Study lamps, bicycles, moody black and white poster prints… In Copenhagen, international students come and go, but their stuff stays here. Here is the University Post's top 5 ways to get rid of your possessions

Even the most minimalist of exchange student will probably have gathered all kinds of junk during their stay in Copenhagen. Now, as the semester comes to an end, and with pricey excess baggage charges in mind, it is time to clean out and throw away.

But instead of filling up the trash cans at your dorm, the University Post has five suggestions for ways to get rid of your rubbish, and perhaps even get some cash back.

5. International hang outs
For those of you who are staying for the summer, you might be able to pass on your stuff to the new flock of international students, who are fresh off the boat (bus, plane) with only the contents of a backpack. Look for places where international students normally get together, such as the non-profit Café Retro on Knabrostræde, and let people know that you are selling.

Think back to your early days as a newbie in Copenhagen and target these spots with home-made flyers.

Good places are the University and the Student Café. (Note that the Student Café is closed at the moment, but you can always stick something outside, in the main entrance.)

If you live in student housing, or know someone that does, you can spread the word about what you are selling in the communal kitchens. Students are, after all, your main target and a dorm is the perfect place to find them.

4. Den Blå Avis
When Danes are on the look out for used stuff, whether it is a bike or a bathtub, they go to the online classifieds at Thousands place ads every day, and no item is too small. The best thing it that it is free to advertise, and if your time is running out there is a section for giving away your stuff for free, called gratis ting.

But, the site is only in Danish. This should not stop you from posting ads in English, and this is made easier by knowing a few key words:

cycler= bicycles
inventar = furniture,
kontorinventar for office furniture like tables or chairs, etc.

To post an announcement, click here and then choose ‘indryk annonce’at the top of the page.

3. Do your bit for charity
Ok, this will not earn you any cash, but the warm feeling inside when you help childrens’ homes in India or the Red Cross is not something that you can put a price on.

Take your used clothes, books and furniture to charity shops around town and do your bit for a good cause.

Charity shops prefer that you leave things with them in their opening hours, as they tend to get rummaged and stolen if left outside overnight.

Find your nearest Red Cross shop here (scroll to your postcode and press the ‘find butik’ button).

2. Facebook Marketplace
It is possible to use Facebook for almost everything nowadays, and selling second-hand items is no exception.

Facebook Marketplace is an original way to get rid of your stuff.

One of the innovations is that your sale would show up in your friend’s news feeds as ‘Michael is selling a bike’.

Another effective way of using facebook for this purpose is posting a message in the wall of the University of Copenhagen facebook group as well as in the groups of the rest of the faculties.

1. Nørrebro Flea Market
There are a lot of flea markets – loppemarkeder in Danish – in Copenhagen. One of the most famous is Nørrebro Flea Market.

In this market, private individuals as well as professional dealers sell all kinds of old stuff and antique furniture. You too can get in touch with your inner market-trader and set up a stall. You will have to pay around DKK 200 to rent a space though .

More information about flea markets here

Or, you could always get together with your fellow exchange students and organising a yard sale yourselves.

Any other ideas? Tell us by writing a comment below!

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