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Top physicist to go beyond the Big Bang Wednesday

Famous physicist Roger Penrose to present his new model of the universe, where the Big Bang was not the beginning

Most cosmologists believe that our Universe started its formation process some 13.7 billion years ago, when the Big Bang occurred. According to this standard cosmology, the Universe expanded extremely fast right after the initial explosion. This explains why the composition of the Universe is so uniform.

Together with Professor Gurzadyan, Sir Roger Penrose proposes another possible explanation, currently debated by the scientific community.

His model will be presented Wednesday 23 February, 13.15 at the University of Copenhagen.

Never-ending cycle

In Penrose’s model, the uniformity of the Universe originates before the Big Bang, from another universe which expanded so much that it became infinitely large. This reasoning can be repeated ad libitum, resulting in a cycle with no beginning.

Professor Penrose is a matematichal physicist and Emeritus Rouse Ball Professor at the Univeristy of Oxford. Besides his research work, for which he has received a number of prizes, he has also written a few best sellers, the most famous being “The Emperor’s New Mind”.

Here you find an introductory article published on Nature.

Will not miss it

The University Post would not miss going past the beginning of the universe for anything, and will of course have a reporter on hand.

See the details of the lecture here.