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Twilight Christmas - episode 3

ADVENT CALENDAR - What lives and grows in this eerie light?

In Stephen King’s perhaps not greatest book The Tommyknockers, Bobbi Anderson excavates a spaceship from the wet soil of New England. Then something happens to her – she is subjected to some sort of radiation.

She should have seen that coming really.

There is a green, eerie light on the front cover. Just like the light emitted from the Faculty of Life Sciences’ greenhouses. Yellow and chlorophyllic.

Life in places

That of course does not mean that they are working on anything radioactive, or cooking meth, or anything like that. We assume they are working on green tomatoes or cress. Perhaps even something we can eat when the sea has swallowed up all of our agriculture. That would be a good thing to have.

There is something fascinating about the placement of the Life Sciences green areas in this strange and semi-chaotic urban sprawl in Frederiksberg, says our photographer Lizette Kabré. She finds it uplifting that life is developing under the glass, next to the dual carriageway throughfare Åboulevarden, where things can’t really live, as she puts it.

Except of course, lots of people do live just across the road.

The Advent Calendar

Our photographer Lizette Kabré is exploring the University of Copenhagen’s many angles and corners in the December twilight. She is looking for places that conjure up stories.

Lizette Kabré will bring you something you did not expect to see every day of the month.

Check out our advent calendar gallery right here, where the pictures of the calendar so far are published every day.