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Two prorector jobs instead of one

A new prorector is to supplement Prorector Thomas Bjørnholm and focus on the study environment, education, internationalisation, and communication with students

Rector Ralf Hemmingsen and Prorector Thomas Bjørnholm will soon be supplemented by a new ‘prorector of education’, according to a release on

The new position is after a decision by the Board of the University on a recommendation from Rector.

“Education is currently one of the main priority areas for the University in which we are working to improve the study environment and the quality of education. At the same time we work with development of talents, development of the internal market for education and increased internationalisation. We need additional managerial focus on this area,” says Rector Ralf Hemmingsen.

Faster degrees, communication, accreditation

The release on refers to “an increased focus on university education in Danish politics. There is, among other things, talk of more students completing their degrees faster”.

Rector also wants the new prorector to “focus on communication to the students. Therefore, the new prorector will also have the responsibility of increasing the efforts in this area,” he says.

Accreditation is also a big policy area that is to be focussed on.

Job posted in April

As it is now, Rector Ralf Hemmingsen has the area of education as his responsibility. But once the new prorector is hired, Rector will concentrate on the collective and overall management and on sparring and staff involvement, while Prorector Thomas Bjørnholm will have responsibility for research, innovation and scientific staff education.

According to the release, a nominating committee with student, staff and management representatives will now be appointed.

The new position as prorector is expected to be posted in April with a deadline for applications in May.

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